Introductory Development of Mitsubishi Fuso Fighter

 Mitsubishi Fuso Fighter is one of the most essential part of Japanese truck blands out there currently, and in the future as well. In this article, we’ll briefly look into the history of its development from 1992.
  In 1992, Fighter was changed its model entirely for the first time. The corner was cut off so it did not have a sharp edge any more. In addition, its head light was turned to projector type which is same as the model emerged in 1993. The side window that current Fuso Fighter has is attached from this model. Its door was designed specially for Fighter. This model was commonly known as “Full-con Fighter”. Jacky Chen backed up its marketing through TV commercial. In 1998, Headless short-cab model, Fighter NX was released. For this released, Fighter can take additional 305 mm for its length even if it has same total length to 4t chassis Fighter. It was designed not for the long distance journey, but for middle range journey. Norika Fujiwara took the role of marketing at that time.